уσυ’νє вєcσмє ѕσ ∂αмαgє∂
тнαт ωнєη ѕσмєσηє ωαηтѕ
тσ gινє уσυ ωнαт
уσυ ∂єѕєяνє
уσυ нανє ησ ι∂єα
нσω тσ яєѕρση∂.

|| Kuro || 16 || Female
A weird girl with a creative mind.

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sadistic-sakamaki asked:
"What did you just call me?" // and one for le derpy me ;P "What did you just call me?"


Send me “What did you just call me?” and I will generate a number from 1-40 for what my muse will have called yours. #25 and #4 


"Alright, lover boy. I know you have a boob fetish and all, but can ya please tone it down? It’s really bothering me.”

"Maybe I should call you baby instead of chichinashi. Heh, it’s fitting, isn’t it?”


     “No need to get all fired up. I know it bothers you and all but let’s just face it. You’re damn straight f-l-a-t.”


     Stares and probably whines a little. Really Ayato, really? She knows she’s childish but take a good look at yourself.
     “Look who’s talking.”

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When you realize that someone is only being nice to you because they want something



when someone tries to argue with me on a subject i know more aboutimage



「 サディスト 

Takoyaki Pizza? He was pretty sure that wasn’t a thing, but now he was curious.

                         ❝ Ch. Of course it doesn’t exist ba~ka,
                                    who would want to mix those two and
                                        ruin the best food out there? ❞

The idea seemed as stupid as asking the tea Otaku to cook them anything.

                        ❝ You have your pizza, but I want Takoyaki. ❞

          “Nope! Pretty sure it exists! You simply didn’t know it because you’re just some…” How does she say this without offending him? Panic, panic, panic.
          “You’re eh… You’re a traditional type of guy! Yeah, that’s it!~ And as for your question —— Someone smart enough. Reiji did the same with Kou’s Vongole Bianco and Laito’s Macaroons remember?” Probably not, since he’s not the type of guy to remember things that do not concern him
          “It’s a fair deal then!~” She giggled and said cheerfully, a childish tone taking over her voice. She always thought that Ayato was a kid but wasn’t she one as well? She sometimes behaved like a 5 year old to be honest… But at least she was delighted that he had accepted to order both things. Picking up her phone, she glanced over at him once more.
          “What’s your favorite Takoyaki shop again?… Or maybe you’d like Yui to cook it for you?”



「 サディスト -

He’s not impressed.

                     ❝ No it isn’t. I’m allowed to order people about I—Pizza?
                                       Pfft. It’s Takoyaki or nothing. ❞

          Cue a pout. Geez he was such a child sometimes! Always thinking about himself… It pissed her off! Plus she didn’t even like Takoyaki! Well, she never had tasted it, but she was pretty picky.
          “T-Then… Does Takoyaki Pizza even exist? We should ask Reiji to do that. That way we”ll both be happy.” Not that he cares if she’s happy or not, but what could she do? The smartest move was to get to an agreement and if such was not possible, then she would just order some Takoyaki for the damn brat.
          She too decided to ignore his first statement because even if he was allowed —- which he was not, but who could compete against a vampire like him? Certainly not Kuro —— it didn’t mean that people were okay with this tyranny.